Prearranged Funeral Services


The decision to prearrange your funeral service is a difficult choice.  However, planning today gives you peace of mind that comes with knowing your wishes for funeral arrangements have been decided.

  • You can prearrange your funeral plans at no cost.
  • Prearranging your funeral plan allows you to make important decisions at your convenience.
  • Prearranging helps to alleviate stressful decisions for your family at the time of death.
  • Prepaying guarantees the funeral costs of the funeral services and supplies selected.
  • Relieves family of financial responsibilities.

As a free service, an A. Millard George funeral prearrangement counsellor can provide you with a My Memorial Wishes - Personal Request Booklet.  This valuable guidebook allows every family member to make important decisions in advance instead of at the time of death. It provides a place to record vital statistics, historical information, family records, association information, personal wishes and any other information you would want loved ones to have available in time of need.

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