Andreea Nicola


NICOLA, Andreea...
Peacefully at her home, Andreea joined the Light on Monday, December 19, 2022 in her 55th year. An amazing companion and wife of Remus Nicola for 31 years. Dear mother of Alexandra. Dear sister of Iudit and cherished sister-in-law of Amalia. Dear aunt of Valentina and Ana. Beloved daughter of Violeta and daughter-in-law of Roman. Predeceased by her father Laszlo-Csaba and mother-in-law Aurelia.

Like in any story, it's the heroes that are forgotten. And like this story, Andreea was one of the unknown heroes of our time. The fact that she suffered an unspeakable and cruel trauma in her late childhood, she stood-up. In her fight against a brutal political regime-she stood-up. For a simple and natural human right-she stood-up. For Freedom-she stood-up. Although she endured political imprisonment and was faced with the fear of death, she was reborn like a Phoenix from the ashes of a nation's revolution. "Praise to all unknown heroes of the world," she would have said.

From her childhood trauma to her political imprisonment, a spark was lit. Her spirit enlightened as she transcended from a rebel of her times into a servant of fellow humans and a voice against the darkness of this world. Throughout her life, even though she was deemed a rebel in the eyes of many, her unbelievable compassion and empathy towards fellow humans-including her wrongdoers, was more than a sign that Andreea sees this world with different eyes, aimed towards an earthly mission.

The first steps of her mission began with sharing knowledge with her high school students for several years. Between teaching and the daily chores of a family life, walking in nature was something close to mystical for Andreea. Although in the classroom she imparted her teaching gift with honour and enjoyment, the nature was always her attraction. It seemed like the pulse of nature was somehow communicating with her. She walked the paths of remote places, pristine forests, and climbed mythical mountains-absorbing from nature something unseen with the naked eye, along her way. This inexplicable force-Nature-unveiled the path of her mission.

Andreea began applying her understanding of nature in her garden. Her physical touch and love of plants, trees and flowers was always magical. She grew such wonderful flowers, a vast and abundant bio-vegetable garden and many sweet fruit trees. But her love only grew in energy and compassion when she became an active member of London Middlesex Master Gardeners-sharing this realized knowledge with whomever was interested in nature and in the magic of reality. Through her caring hands-inspired by nature's voice-a garden of Hesperides manifested from nowhere for any traveler to wander.

Although Andreea was enjoying everything in her life, she realized something was still missing. This something came in an inexplicable way. Soon after winning a psychological battle with her earlier traumas-like in a quantum leap, an artist came to life out of empty space. She started painting in acrylics, making handcrafts and without a moment's pause-began teaching classes and sharing the knowledge of the craft. Nature and gardening were still the attraction and the main themes in her painting, but now experienced and expressed from a different level of perception. Like teaching, the Art was a gift that came to life naturally from a hidden and dark place. This was the gift she was looking for along the way. She found what was missing-completing her fully. Andreea found her authenticity as a visual artist, being dedicated to the craft through an active membership of London Community Artists and with active participation in multiple art gallery exhibition shows. The flow of life allowed Andreea to close the circle of her travel with the opening of her first art gallery. "A completed being," a wise elder would say.

Like in any story, there is always the impermanence of life that we often overlook and forget. Life continuously challenges our path. It is its nature, and we just need to accept it in the way Andreea accepted the challenge with an illness she battled for years. With courage and dignity, she fought a good fight until her last breath. It seems that any completely built temple in life requires a sacrifice. Andreea made this sacrifice without a blink of an eye, knowing that she is surrounded by compassionate friends and companions supporting her unconditionally until the light would ascend-returning her home in the land of the Morning Star. May Andreea be a companion of light on our path for as long as we walk under the Rising Sun. "Walk well and do good deeds," as Andreea would say.

Besides everything, she was first a mother to Alexandra. Her love for her daughter goes beyond earthly words. Alexandra had the magical luck of having such a mother and a teacher. Andreea's ways of practising compassion, empathy, gratitude, faith, hope, love and charity towards all of us, is a good example for Alexandra's path in life. "Walk well and do good deeds," Andreea would say. May Andreea be praised by Alexandra for as long as the wheel of time permits-and why not, even beyond.  

As a companion and traveller in life, Andreea was not just a part that completed her partner Remus, she was one with him in all manifestations of life. A spiritual compass and a moral square that cannot be expressed in any earthly words. This companionship of 31 years with its own ups and downs was traveled well, doing good deeds along the way, and always with a smile of gratitude and kindness on their faces. May Andreea be praised and continue as the companion of light for Remus until it is his time to return home. He will find you; He knows the path. So let it be.

And like in any story, the hero sacrifices the self for the good of all fellow creatures. Although her sacrifice may seem unfair in the eyes of this world, she was aware that everything under the Sun has a season and that the time under the heavens shall be spent wisely and with good deeds. Her dedication, compassion, love and kindness left a trace of light for everyone to follow and always remember-that it is simpler in life when you are kind and compassionate in all manifestations of your lives. Her sacred temple was finished on this land, and she is now ready to travel where the light may desire her.

Andreea, you brought happiness in any life you touched walking along your path-sorrow is in any heart that knew you parted from us. But happy we will meet again and we'll tak a cup o' kindness yet, for auld lang syne. Walk well on your path Andreea, keep the light of the sacred fire burning, and do only good deeds wherever you may travel.

Cremation has taken place and a memorial service will be held at the A. Millard George Funeral Home, 60 Ridout Street South, London on Saturday, January 14, 2023 at 2:00 pm. In memory of Andreea, donations may be made to a favourite place of hers, the London Public Library. Arrangements entrusted with A. Millard George Funeral Home, 519-433-5184. Online condolences, memories and photographs shared at