Erika Dutka


DUTKA, Erika.....

Erika Dutka Juadzim, Born August 13, 1928 and here is her dash

Erika was a daughter of Alma Powileit Jaudzim and George Jaudzim, wife of John Iwan Dutka who passed 20 years ago, a cousin, mother, grandmother and great grandmother as well as an amazing person who loved life, to dance, to get doodled up as she called it, and shopping.  She provided a good life for her two children George (Georgie) and Kathy (Katty).  Erika was an excellent seamstress, made all her clothes, Kathy’s clothes and I think that cute little suit George has on.  She was truly a designer, she also knit many sweaters, mitts, hats and scarfs, worked in manufacturing, sewing, making chocolates and for John’s Radio and TV, Erika was the voice on the phone booking appointments, ordering parts, responsible for accounting and wow she was good at managing money.  If you needed a financial planner she was the one to see. 

Erika grew up in Lithuania, helping her Grandmother making sausages to take to sell at market, swimming in the Baltic Sea till WW2 came and she had to leave her home and moved to Germany to go to school. Erika, Omi and Tanta Lilly were on foot to cut across Europe borrowing bikes, stowing away on boats, till she arrived in Genoa, Italy to hop on a ship to come to Canada, the other ship went to Australia which would be a very different story. Once in London Erika met John and a love story began, two children, first TV on the block, neighbourhood kids would stand out on the front yard and watch TV through the window.  Three channels at that time was lots to choose from. Erika traveled to the West to meet second grandson Jesse, and they fell in love with the West and continued to journey there.  Erika got her drivers licence to help with the driving. Erika had 8 grandchildren, that they took to the beach!  16 Great Grandchildren which she got to meet all but little Nella in person. Our last adventure was George, Jaime and I took mom to the German Club in Koffee Klutch in February 2020 it was lots of fun.

There are so many more stories we can all share about Erika, Wife, Mom, Grandma, Great Granma she had a truly amazing life an amazing family who loved her dearly, may she rest in peace and be with dad again.  – February 9, 2021


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