Linda Richmond


Linda Marie Richmond (nee Morgan) of London Ontario passed away peacefully on Monday November 30th, 2020. At the age of 72 she was the eldest of three daughters born March 14th of 1948. Linda precedes her parents Donald and Millie Morgan.

Linda was the beloved wife to her devoted husband Douglas Richmond. Much loved eldest sister to Sandra Alsop (Dennis Alsop) and Nancy Tustin (Dave Tustin). Cherished Mother to Stephan (Tracy) and Jeffery
(Jennifer). Dearest grandmother to JJ, Elisha and Jenna.

Linda was born and lived her life in London Ontario marrying and raising her family here. In her career she worked outside the home in administration and bookkeeping. She was a talented creative force within her family as an accomplished artist working in multiple mediums including oils, water colors and acrylics. With a keen eye she effortlessly captured the inherent beauty in the simple things that we often fail to stop and appreciate. Linda also created beautiful quilts from both new and repurposed materials these personal and priceless creations are like a warm hug from Linda to those she loved. Reading was also a passion spending countless hours on works filled with adventure and romance and sharing with a close circle of friends in her book club.

Linda was a bright shining light emminanting warmth and joy to all that were fortunate to find themselves enveloped in her glow. Her family and friends meant everything to her. She has imparted to them a priceless gift of unwavering love, devotion, laughter and kindness that everyone is sure she would want to see passed on and shared in her honor.

Linda joy for life, love of music, appreciation for art and sense of humor will never fade from our hearts and we are so appreciative for the time we had her in our lives however short it feels today.

When you think of Linda remember to laugh and appreciate life in all its forms that is what we know she would want us to do.

Rest in Peace Linda Marie.