Alice Bronaugh (Brona) née Gonzalez


Died: September 15, 2022
Place: London, Ontario

(Tuesday, September 20, 2022)

I am keeping in my prayers Alice Brona, a friend of 35 + years who passed on Thursday, September 15, in London, ON. Alice: a public health nurse, super promoter of the Lamaze method, poet, feminist, writer extraordinaire to the newspaper and all levels of government as regards human rights and proper Healthcare. Alice had her favorite charities which included Indigenous support. Alice attended boarding school at Loretto Academy in Niagara Falls. I attended Loretto College in Toronto. We are / were both Loretto Associates which took us to many retreats, days of Prayer and lectures together. Alice didn't drive, so she walked everywhere. Alice took note of nature along the way and expressed her delight and gratitude for simple beauty. Alice was among the pioneers at Port Burwell on Lake Erie which was the host for annual summer colloquiums with guest speakers such as Thomas Berry and Brian swim and other ecologically oriented minds. Alice was a faithful friend who often called me and or wrote quick letters which included poems or items from the newspaper that she thought I would be interested in. Alice did not familiarize herself with the computer age. She might have attended a session or two at the library but it was not her cup of tea. So, communication with Alice was not by emailing or text
It was voice to voice. Our last conversation was on August 23.
Perhaps, I mentioned to her, or not, that I was reading a book about a researcher named Alice who was studying the grieving process for elephants. Elephants feel the loss of a loved one so deeply that they go into a mourning ritual, stop eating and collectively gather to support each other. Two weeks after that phone call, I received a card and note in the mail with a beautiful picture of a mother and child elephant walking in the wild. It is very precious to me now. It was my privilege to be a friend of Alice. She will be missed but I'm very happy for her new found freedom.

Phyllis Parr
(Tuesday, September 20, 2022)

I met Alice through the IBVM, Mary Ward Associates. We would gather annually at Maryholme, a Loretto Retreat Centre in Georgina, in June. While there Alice and I would reflect on spiritual and temporal matters. We had in common daughters who lived in BC, who we both missed terribly. We understood eachothers motherly concern for children who we could not hug as often as we wanted. During the year between Maryholme visits, Alice and I corresponded via snail mail. It was always a treat to get a short poem, inspirational writing or update on local events in London. I will miss Alice's friendly smile and quick laughter and cheery notes. May she dwell in the House of the Lord Forever. RIP dear Alice.

Donna Hollands-Hurst
(Wednesday, September 21, 2022)

My condolences to Alice's family as she was a beautiful person inside and out. Her presence at retreats and gatherings was always a source of light, joy and grace.

(Wednesday, September 21, 2022)

Condolences to your family. Alice was a truly spiritual being, involved in social justice who loved nature and the homeless. I met her through Paula Marcotte at some special suppers we all shared.
Rest In Peace.

Raymond Gonzalez
(Wednesday, September 21, 2022)

Aunt Alice, I will miss our old school correspondence, letters and post cards. Like you I looked forward to receiving mail with your latest drawing or poem. I will continue to travel for you although I'm sure you you're travelling to more beautiful places now. God bless you.

Sheila Martindale
(Thursday, September 22, 2022)

I first met Alice at Fanshawe College in London in 1978, where we both enrolled in a writing course. We have remained friends ever since. I will miss her sense of humour, and her dedication to a cause, a poem, and to family and friends. RIP dear Alice, until we meet again.

Marnie McArthur
(Saturday, September 24, 2022)

Dear Cynthia and family:
Heartfelt condolences for your loss.
I knew Alice for so many years and she was always such a cheerful and friendly lady.
Marnie McArthur
( Caledon and Muskoka)

The Barnhart Family
(Monday, September 26, 2022)

The Barnhart Family has made a donation to Indwell on behalf of Alice Bronaugh (Brona) née Gonzalez.