Margaret "Joan" Pudney


Died: March 30, 2021
Place: Manor Village, London

Alisson Pace Bakelaar
(Thursday, April 1, 2021)

Alisson Pace Bakelaar has made a donation to Westmount Presbyterian Church on behalf of Margaret "Joan" Pudney.

Tom Telfer
(Saturday, April 3, 2021)

Sending sincere condolences at this sad time. Joan was a lively ‘spark’ at Westmount.
Tom and Pat Telfer

Mary Ellen Harvey
(Saturday, April 3, 2021)

Such a sad loss of a great lady. You were truly " One of a kind" Rest in peace dear Joan

Terry Bellefontaine
(Saturday, April 3, 2021)

So very sorry to heariof Joan's passing. She was a delight to know whenever we encountered each other at Vic!
A former Vic employee.


Brian Wong
(Saturday, April 3, 2021)

As Joan was always eager tell everyone, she has known me since I was six years old. Over the past 25 years we have shared countless moments together. Everything from going out to various places to lunch, roadtrip to visit her brother Paul, watching the Beijing Olympics at her place, visiting various residents in their rooms with her at Grand Wood Park, enjoying her famous meat loaf, watching Y & R together at 4:30, all the hugs you gave, and countless other memories, Joan will always have a special place in my heart. Joan, you always knew how to treat everyone special and lift up their spirits. I will forever be grateful that my family and I met you at Westmount Presbyterian Church. You have always been such a blessing in our lives. I am sure the countless other people you have touched over the years feel the exact same way.

Your dear friend Brian

Kim Ewin-Goebel
(Sunday, April 4, 2021)

Your welcoming nature was so genuine and loving towards my family at Westmount Church. Such a ray of sunshine. You are so greatly missed! Much love to you and extended family.

Meredith Pudney Charlebois
(Monday, April 5, 2021)

Meredith Pudney Charlebois has made a donation to Westmount Presbyterian Church on behalf of Margaret "Joan" Pudney.

Eva Gombas
(Tuesday, April 6, 2021)

Joan you will be missed. You will be greatly missed for our talks. You were the best boss I ever had. You were also like a mother to your staff members. Rest in peace. Love you very much. Eva

Catherine Stewart & Haltigin family
(Tuesday, April 6, 2021)

Catherine Stewart & Haltigin family has made a donation to Heart & Stroke Foundation on behalf of Margaret "Joan" Pudney.

Meredith Pudney Charlebois
(Wednesday, April 7, 2021)

It is with a heavy heart that I say "Au Revoir" to my dear cousin Joan. I knew Joan from when I was born! She used to help my mother give birthday parties for me and my Miss Matthews School chums when I was a young child! I, my mother "Gerry" and my father Harold adored her. She was always happy, bubbly, supportive and happy to chat and babble along with me about anything we could come up with to have some fun about. Goodby dear lady. We all know for sure where YOU are now! I hope there is a heavenly band where you can sing into eternity. Angels will adore you too! BIG hugs. I will always love you. Meredith Pudney Charlebois

Heidi Gokstorp
(Thursday, April 8, 2021)

Of all the people I have known, Joan was one of the best! She was the finest and most humane boss that I have ever worked for. She was very knowledgeable and passed some of this on to her technicians. She told us she wanted us to be more than just button pushers!!! As the kind and caring person she was, she made a difference in the lives of her workers, friends and family. She was greatly respected by doctors, nurses and patients. Doctors would seek her out to help interpret some of the readings and at one time the CCU residents came to the office and asked for the lady “that reads cardiograms like newspapers”! Friday afternoons were teaching sessions, where staff learnt to interpret some special ECGs that she had collected over the years. Joan was always immaculately dressed. She deeply loved her church. Once a month she would bring in her special sandwiches or her chili, which everyone looked forward to. This beautiful woman inside and out, will always have a special place in my heart, and will be greatly missed. With fond memories, Heidi Gokstorp.

Robert van Goethem
(Thursday, April 8, 2021)

When I first met my “Aunt Joan”, we were circumstantial strangers who knew of one another but were delayed the opportunity to meet for some 50 years. When we finally did meet, she greeted me with an incredible degree of warmth and friendship.

At the first church service that I attended with Joan , I was warmly greeted by her Pastor and many of her friends before and after the service.

Though it was my first meeting with her, she proudly introduced me to her friends as her “nephew Bob from Alberta”.

The warmth that those friends demonstrated to Joan, and to me was a hearty testament to the spiritual bond she had with her faith-group.

I visited her when I could, and maintained occasional contact by phone but our first meeting was what I recall most vividly. I believe that her faith was her strength.

Illahe Hilton
(Friday, April 9, 2021)

I feel so blessed to have known Joan in the ECG dept and as a dear friend. She was a genuine and truly good person, a great lady, and one who loved God and loved people. Helping others was her greatest joy - not to mention what a prayer warrior she was! EVERYONE was on her prayer list!
Joan will be missed by us all, but the precious memories we have will abide. Thank you Lord for such a special soul who can never be forgotten.

Patti McKay ne Reitz
(Saturday, April 10, 2021)

Interestingly, we do remember how someone made you feel don't we .. I do have many warm & fuzzy childhood memories of dear Aunt Joan .. Joan taught a young girl how to make a good gravy and I still make it the same way today. May you rest in peace now.