Reta Harland


Died: February 21, 2021
Place: London, Ontario

Cali Howard
(Wednesday, February 24, 2021)

My deepest condolences to Reta and Gord's family. Reta and Gord babysat me and my two sisters when we were young and lived across the street. We all have a lot of fond memories that are still talked about to this day. From playing with their dog, Muffy, who often had a cute pink bow in her hair, to learning what the term "raspberry" meant when her game buzzed with an incorrect answer. From there, Gord would teach us about making his ships in a bottle or home wine-making; he would let us watch while he bathed Muffy; or more notably, he once took a couple of us on his school bus run for the day. There are plenty more and it was all very exciting at our young age. Although we weren't able to maintain contact after moving, Reta and Gord each hold a special place in me and my family's heart and I wish I had had the chance to tell them this as an adult. Their kindness was far-reaching and they will forever be remembered.