Cornelis "Neal" VanGalen


Died: November 27, 2020

Kathy Gray-Egan
(Tuesday, December 1, 2020)

Anita, I'm so sorry for your family's loss.

Josie Sentjens
(Tuesday, December 1, 2020)

I am so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in the thoughts and prayers.

Wietze Adema
(Tuesday, December 1, 2020)

I’d like to express my sympathy to Grace and the rest of the family. Grace, who met Neil when she was only 16 in the Netherlands, had to keep the affair quiet. Her father thought she was much too young to be seeing an older man of 23. But it was love at first sight. However, immigration was looming and her father wasn’t about to leave his daughter behind. So Neil, showing his commitment to her, followed a year later. The rest, as they say, is history. Things will be bittersweet now. Grace will miss Neil but also have some time for herself.

Erwin van Galen
(Tuesday, December 1, 2020)

Dear family,

We all remember uncle Neal in Our Hearts and we wish you all a lot of strenght in The coming period. We Sall all mis him, but know where he has gone.
Our Father brings him home.

We love you all

Laura McFadyen Brown
(Tuesday, December 1, 2020)

Anita, sorry for the loss of your Father. Hold you family close to you. Sending love & hugs.. LMB

Astrid de Jong
(Tuesday, December 1, 2020)

Sorry for your loss.
I hope that the beautiful memories you made together, put a smile on your face and give you strenght.

I Will always remember Ome Cor uit Canada, brother of mine grandfather Leendert van Galen

With Love Astrid de Jong
(Daughter of Hanneke)

Debby van Galen
(Wednesday, December 2, 2020)

Lieve tante Gré en (klein)kinderen,
van harte gecondoleerd met dit grote verlies. Ik koester mooie herinneringen aan ome Cor en het spijt me te vernemen dat hij er niet meer is. Moge de herinneringen aan hem jullie tot troost zijn.
Wat een voorrecht, hoop en troost om te weten dat het 'Tot ziens' is en waarschijnlijk zelfs heel snel!
Heel veel sterkte en Gods vrede de aankomende tijd. In gedachten bij jullie,
Debby van Galen
(kleindochter van Piet en Ina)

Inge van Galen
(Wednesday, December 2, 2020)

Dear aunt Gré, (Con and Anita and the rest) ,
I can still remember the first time you and Uncle Cor arrived from Canada… I was from kindergarten and you were both in the living room. When I came in I had to shake your hand and I suddenly found that very scary. But that I got a nice brooch (a figure iceskater) from you made up for it. I also still see the image of uncle Cor in front of me when you got on the plane and he waved at us with a handkerchief. What a great uncle and aunt I thought you were now!

You came up like this regularly and with that you also remained the special uncle and aunt in (North) America and you also got a special place in our hearts. We have always enjoyed your visits and it was always just as beautiful or even more beautiful than the time before.
I understand that the last few years have not been light, but what an age he has reached! The loss will soon become tangible when the first period fades into the background, but what a comfort to know that he can now shout in top condition in the presence of our Savior. May God comfort you extra during this period and let His love be tangibly present with you and your spouse.
Lots of love!

Sharon Adema (wife of Wietze)
(Wednesday, December 2, 2020)

We all have so many good memories of Cor. Cor and Grace were a bit like Grampa and Gramma to my kids. I still remembers your visits to Grand Rapids in your camper. Our kids always had a great time. And all those Christmases at Mary and Ted’s with everyone. And all Cor’s jokes. He could be so much fun when he was silly! My last memory was when we stopped by to visit and we all sat on your back deck with all the flowers and drank tea and chatted together. Cor will live on in our memories, always with a smile and a twinkle in his eyes!

Peter en Nel van Galen
(Wednesday, December 2, 2020)

In the Netherlands we are samen met u met jullie. We leven heel erg mee. We know he knew our Lord. We are waiting tot the trumpet sound. Hen die zijn ontslapen gaan ons voor als de bazuin klinkt. Een hartelijke groet, Peter&Nel

Agnes en Jan de Boer van Galen en Bernice, Joyce,Dominique
(Thursday, December 3, 2020)

Lieve familie van Galen. Dat onze lieve ome Cor door Onze Heer en Hemelse Vader is thuisgehaald is verdrietig voor ons allemaal en voor jullie die zo dichtbij hem leefden nog meer een groot gemis daarom willen we jullie condoleren. Wat zal hij het goed hebben nu zonder ziekte en pijn in de hemel bij zijn liefdevolle Heiland en Heer. We willen jullie laten weten dat we aan julie denken. Dat God jullie ook zal troosten want er komt een tijd dat we elkaar weer zullen zien. Ik denk dat het niet lang meer zal duren voordat de Heer terugkomt en we elkaar ontmoeten met Jezus in de wolken. 1 Thess. 4. Wat zal dat geweldig zijn.

Joop en tonnie v Galen
(Thursday, December 3, 2020)

Wij willen alle familie leden van harte condoleren .
Wensen jullie heel veel sterkte!
Lieve groet voor allen
Joop en Tonnie

Cor, Anneke, Lion en Annet van Galen
(Thursday, December 3, 2020)

Wij leven met jullie mee.
Waren tijdens de dienst in gedachten bij jullie.
Wensen jullie heel veel kracht, sterkte en Gods onmisbare zegen toe.

Lieve groet,
Cor, Anneke, Lion en Annet van Galen.

Hans en Anita Kok
(Thursday, December 3, 2020)

Dear family,

In the first place we would like to extend our sincere condolences with the loss of uncle Neal, in particular to aunt Grace, Con and Anita.
In our memory uncle Neal was a faithful servant of the Lord and we remember him as a man who put Jesus in “the center” of his life every new day again. We are sure that he lived his life in context of Matthew 22 verse 34 - 40.
Finally, we want to wish you all God’s power and strength for the comming period.

Be blessed,

Hans en Anita Kok

Mark and Stephanie Jurrius
(Thursday, December 3, 2020)

Our heartfelt condolences to Aunt Grace, Anita, Con and the VanGalen family. We treasure the moments we’ve shared with sweet Uncle Cor. May the happy memories shared with Uncle Cor, bring you comfort during this difficult time.

With sympathies,
Mark, Stephanie, Jason and Joshua Jurrius

Ruud en Ilse
(Friday, December 4, 2020)

Dear aunt Gré, Con and Anita,

Our condolences for the loss of your loving husband and father. We remember him as our uncle with a warm heart for the Lord and for his family. We lost our pater familias.
We have so many good memories of your visits here in the Netherlands and the one time we were able to visit you in Canada. It is great to see the Lord blessed him together with you with a good and long life. His life will continue in our Lord's glorious heaven and we will meet again. May our heavenly Father comfort you in the loss of your husband and father.

With love from Ruud & Ilse, Jedidjah en Tiffany.

R.L. Smit
(Friday, December 4, 2020)

Lieve Tante Gré, onze gedachten zijn bij u en we wensen u veel sterkte en de zegenende Troost van uw Hemelse Vader.
Warme groet en medeleven en in gedachten een omhelzing, Ilse en Ruud

Yvonne van Galen
(Saturday, January 16, 2021)

My condolences.
Sad to read that my good friend
Cornelis has passed away.
We only met once (in Krommenie)
and made an effort to build the
Van Galen-Zeeland family tree.
We'll meet again Neal