Dorothy Parnell


Died: August 20, 2020
Place: University Hospital, London

John Shepherd
(Thursday, August 27, 2020)

I grew up with The Parnell Family: Wonderful, loving, thoughtful caring nurturing. Always there. Dorothy quiet and always listening. I miss Doug and now Dorothy.
I will always remember!

Jennifer Parr
(Saturday, August 29, 2020)

Even though I never met Dorothy i person I felt like I "knew" her through the many pictures and stories that Peg shared of her beloved mother over the years. I was always inspired by what I learned of her strength, her faith, her wisdom and her generosity. My condolences to all of you in her large family that will miss her so much.

Grayson, Bronson, Lenna Matheson
(Saturday, August 29, 2020)

Grayson, Bronson, Lenna Matheson has made a donation to Dorothy and Douglas Parnell Fund on behalf of Dorothy Parnell.

John F. Parnell
(Saturday, August 29, 2020)

my condolences on the passing of Dorothy. I have good memories of dinners with the family during my time at UWO in the 1960's.

Doug McLeod
(Saturday, August 29, 2020)

Dorothy and Doug Parnell were our neighbors in Lockwood Park. Son Tim and I were almost the same age and had some good times together. Both Doug and Dorthy (Mr Parnell and Mrs Parnell to me at the time) were wonderful mentors to me and many, many others. I miss them both.

Grant Wren
(Sunday, August 30, 2020)

My sincere condolences on Dorothy's passing but what a great age and life well lived! I have fond memories of my W-K visits with both Doug and Dorothy as well as other times shared with our families. Their memories will be treasured for many years to come.

Randy & Connie Rathwell
(Monday, August 31, 2020)

Dorothy was truly an amazing soul. She was kind, generous, thoughtful and loved life and family.
We will cherish our memories with you and Sandy.
Dorothy made a difference in so many lives.
Our heartfelt condolences to all your family.

Randy & Connie Rathwell
(Monday, August 31, 2020)

Randy & Connie Rathwell has made a donation to Dorothy and Douglas Parnell Fund on behalf of Dorothy Parnell.

John and Chris Webb
(Monday, August 31, 2020)

Dorothy was a wonderful lady. She was one of a kind. You could always go to her
when in need of some of her good wisdom. We shall miss her.
Chris and John Webb

Joan Fiset
(Wednesday, September 2, 2020)

My mother Helen LeBreton went to high school with Dorothy and they kept in touch through annual Christmas cards. My parents lived in Quebec City where I grew up. I met Dorothy when I was at UWO and she had me over for a wonderful dinner. I remember the lovely evening. My sincere condolences to all your family

(Thursday, September 3, 2020)

I had the pleasure of knowing and taking part in Dorothys care for several years. She was such a bright light and very modern for her 101 years. She shared her birthday August 18 with my 11 year old son always sending me home with a card for him. Going to work is truly not the same without our chats all throughout our day. She was always asking about myself and my family. She was truly one of a kind. I also had the pleasure of knowing her daughter Sandra also as lovely as her mother. Dorothy was never the same after the passing of her beloved daughter. To the rest of the Parnell family my heart goes out to you all. And it was a pleasure to know Dorothy and I will honestly never forget her.

Cindy & Paul Trollinger
(Friday, September 4, 2020)

Cindy & Paul Trollinger has made a donation to Help Lesotho on behalf of Dorothy Parnell.

Susan Lennox
(Saturday, September 12, 2020)

Susan Lennox has made a donation to Help Lesotho on behalf of Dorothy Parnell.

Steve Keeton
(Friday, September 25, 2020)

Dorothy was such a kind and beautiful woman. I enjoyed my many conversations with her and will miss hearing from her. She was like a grandmother to me and she will truly be missed.