Mary Ann Sharpe


Died: November 27, 2018
Place: Residence

Maureen Lancaster
(Wednesday, November 28, 2018)

So sad to hear of the passing of this joyous and caring woman, the mother of my dear friend. She and her family opened their hearts and their door to me for a few Christmas dinners when on my own... memories to cherish... my deepest condolences to all the family

Carol Amos
(Thursday, November 29, 2018)

A Dear Aunt, she was responsible for creating many special memories for me during my childhood. She would prepare delicious dinners and we would all sit around the big kitchen table in the farm house and racing around that big old house chasing my cousins. Hristmas dinners in the formal dining room with laughter filling the air. She was a kind, gentle lady with the strength that amazed me.

Steve Wright
(Thursday, November 29, 2018)

I will always remember, and miss, my Aunt Mary Ann's warm, generous, and calm but very strong nature. She's been a positive presence in my life from the start and could not have been more wonderful to me and the rest of the family.