Peter "Pete" Morningstar


Died: September 30, 2018
Place: Meadow Park Nursing Home

Lyn Carapella
(Tuesday, October 2, 2018)

Lyn Carapella has made a donation to Canadian Diabetes Association on behalf of Peter "Pete" Morningstar.

Brian Cross
(Tuesday, October 2, 2018)

Dear Morningstar Family members and Friends who were kind and wonderful world in which we live.I first had the priviledge of meeting Mr.Morningstar as a student at Westminister Highscool in London,Ontario from1968,as astudent from September of 1968 to June 1972, whenI graduated from Grade 12 in the Arts and Sciences program at this school.what a truly fine experience that was for me.Having been born with cerebral paly on June27,2953 in Perth,Ontario and likewise having a fondness for highschool spoyts per se.I was only at Westminister for two weeks before Mr.Morninstar approached me along with Mr.Doug Marshall to be the ststitician for both the senior basketball plus the senior football teams at this say I was truly elated to accept these two positions would be an understatement for sure.i said triumphly for sure to both positions for sure.I can always remember sitting on the football field at the school in November 1970,when we won the city Senior Football Championship under coach Morninstar ,being escorted off the field and likewise being thrown head first in the locerroom at the highschool racing home ,my clothes thoroughly soaked with extree water content per se,and low and behold Mr.morninstar through me in his brand new 1968 green Camaro with black Interior,and me saying I am going to get the interior seats of this pristine Camaro all wet Mr.Morninstar and he said to me I don't care,likewise you will walkthe full length of your 80 foot driveway at 159 Gladman Avenue,because I am likewise not pulling in your driveway Brian okay.See you at Westminister High tomorrow morning at 8;30 a,m, okay.young man.this said with a genine smile on his face always.he also taught me Grade 10,geograhy at this highschool.his legacy for all former teachers past and present ,plus so many former students will truly live on in all the great memories we have of such an exemplary generous kind citizen loved so very much wherecer he and his family members tracelled either on business or personal vacations as a family unit.thanks for so many great memories ,MR>WILDCAT,YOU WERE ONE IN A MILLION FOR SURE,GLAD I HAD THE EXTREME PRIVILEDGE TO HAVE KNOWN YOU.YOURS SINCERELBRIANCROSS;WESTMINISTER ALUMNI MEMBER CLASS OF 1972,MAY GOD LEAD ALL YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS TO BRIGHTER DAYS FORTHCOMING FOR YOU ALL OKAY ..

Brad Burns
(Tuesday, October 2, 2018)

To “Pistol Pete” Morningstar! You made me sweat, you made me cry, you made me part of a team and you helped make me the man I am today! You will never be forgotten Pete!!

Don Morrison
(Tuesday, October 2, 2018)

Brian Cross , great story you shared about Pete Morningstar, he was one of a kind

Dave Hughes
(Wednesday, October 3, 2018)

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Coach Morningstar. I played hockey for Pete at Westminster for 5 years and today the memories come flooding back. Three consecutive London and District Conference Hockey Championships in th 60's. Him standing at centre ice throwing pucks into the corner, running stairs at the school during dry land training, his separated shoulder helping break up a between period brawl during a championship game against Oakridge, outdoor practices at West Lions in the biting wind and cold. So glad I got to chat with you at the 50th reunion. You were so influential in so many lives. Thank you for all you did. Rest in peace

Bill Perkins
(Wednesday, October 3, 2018)

Mr. Morningstar was my in-class teacher during the formative years of Westminster (1962). He was also my first ever football coach for three years who taught me to love the game and respect my teammates and opponents. I still proudly wear my Wildcat school jacket. I fondly remember him giving me a ride home after school in his convertible during a rain storm, with the top down. Mr. Morningstar encouraged me to enter the teaching profession and even wrote one of my Letters of Reference to get into London Teachers' College. Thanks for all you did to encourage me to be all that I could be. Heaven's coaching staff is receiving ONE of THE BEST. As our Wildcat football team used to chant at the first of each practice...
Twinkle Twinkle
Little Star
Here comes
Mr. Morningstar

Barry Fokejewski
(Wednesday, October 3, 2018)

This man influenced more lives than he could ever have imagined. Countless moments spent on the practice field with Pete. Showing me how to properly tackle a guy with blood running down his face from hitting the dummy. The boys of fall will never forget. Rest In Peace Coach.

Barbara and David Doherty
(Wednesday, October 3, 2018)

Barbara and David Doherty has made a donation to Alzheimer Society London & Middlesex on behalf of Peter "Pete" Morningstar.

Andy Glomba
(Thursday, October 4, 2018)

Mr.Morningstar was a huge part in my high school years from Hockey to Football Gym Class to just talking to him .Coach Morningstar will always be a fond memory of my Golden Years @ H.B. Beal R.I.P

Bill Clubb
(Tuesday, October 9, 2018)

Saddened by the loss of a high school legend,from Pete's playing days at South to Mr Morningstar's teaching and coaching days at Westminster what a guy. "All right one more time" Pete you will be remembered.