Arie de Hoog


Died: September 25, 2018
Place: Earls Court Village, London

Brian Cross
(Wednesday, September 26, 2018)

Dear De Hoog Family Members;I am so very sorry to hear of the recent passing of a truly fine citizen of the city of London,Ontario.loved by his family and lots of wonderful friends far and wide wherever his travels would take you all in our ever changing world in which we all live and pursue our chosen careers and lives as always.May God lead you all to brighter days forthcoming henceforth with his leadership and guidance forward from this day forward okay.I had the extreme pleasure to work alongside Anes brother Tom back in August 1977-April1978,while working as the self seve cashier at Spur petroleums _Tromrt Petroleums on Dundas Strrt East,and Ane;s nrother Tom drove the fuel tramsport for Fromet Petroleums owned by Frank Prendergastas I recall,a 1964dodge tandem tractor,with a tandem axle fuel trailer on the back hooked to the tandem axle tractor as always.What a true gentleman Tom, always was,always walking over to my kiosk with a warm handshake for me and a truly great smile on his face ending with the words,Brian ,I will see you tomorrow young fella okay Brian which truly made my time with Fromet petroleums a truly great experience for this 1975 Business Honours Graduate from Fanshawe College here in London ,Ontario,living with Cerebral Palsy since June 27,1853 a wonderful worthwhile endeavor to this point in time.The beginning of beter things forthcoming in our modern ever changing world in which we all lice and resude.Yours Sincerely Brian Cross London,Ontario.

Peter and Anna Geene
(Wednesday, September 26, 2018)

Sending our sincere condolences.
We remember Arie as a friendly kind man. A good man to know. Remembering all of you. May God comfort you in these days.

Shirley Hutchins
(Friday, September 28, 2018)

Shirley Hutchins has made a donation to Salvation Army on behalf of Arie de Hoog.

Michele and Frank Clarke
(Friday, September 28, 2018)

Michele and Frank Clarke has made a donation to Canadian Cancer Society on behalf of Arie de Hoog.

Betty Ann Schnurr
(Saturday, September 29, 2018)

Uncle Arie holds a special place in my heart. Always great at talking with me, especially about our common interest of sailing, when we had our family get togethers.
When I used to send our annual Christmas letter, twice he sent me a letter back, giving me good, Godly advice, to focus on the more important things in life. Being a good mother to my children, not trying to do too much by volunteering and working a lot. Focusing on my relationship with God, and not on the pursuit of success (by this world's standards.) I will have to look for those letters. Although I felt guilty and embarrassed, by him feeling overwhelmed by my letters of how busy our family was, I appreciated his concern.
He inspired my brother Eric and I to start sailing, and after Eric bought his first boat from Uncle Arie, I tried it out. Later, I learned how to sail, took lessons, and then when I was married, I bought a sailboat from Uncle Arie as well. Later, when our kids were older, I bought another one, and have been able to go sailing every summer on our camping holiday. Despite his warning me that a Laser is a very wet boat, I love the boat and even getting wet! He was a quiet presence in our family over the last several years, but always highly respected. Thank you Uncle Arie for caring for your extended family as well as your own immediate family.
My condolences are with all of you, Aunt Cory, John and Elly, Adrienne, Simon and boys, Jennifer, Cora and Don, Arie and Kerry, and granddaughters, and Tom and Nancy and Kyle. It is a wake up call for me to cherish the time I have left with my own dad too- so fortunate to still have him! Love and prayers to you all, Betty Ann